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Ranch Raised Black Angus Beef, free of pesticides, chemicals, hormones and everything store-bought beef is exposed to in processing, shipping, and storing. Steers are born and raised on the ranch.

Barton Beef

Hello from our family operated ranch located in Bunnell, Florida, where we sell grass fed beef straight from our pasture to your table. Enjoy local beef from the convenience of your freezer all year long. Please browse the site and feel free to email, call or text any questions you have. Thanks for stopping by.
Our cattle are various mixed breeds, but all have some Brahman blood in them to help adapt to the Florida heat. However, all of our cattle are bred to Pure Bred Black Angus bulls, so that our calves are top quality beef producers for your freezer. Our cattle are never confined to a stall or small pen and fed strictly grain. In addition, they receive no antibiotics, no added hormones, and the grass is not sprayed with pesticides. At Barton Beef we do prescribed burns to keep our land and soil in top condition.
The cows live a natural lifestyle grazing thousands of acres of improved pastures and woodlands. They eat native grass, and are often supplemented with salt minerals, hay we bale ourselves, and molasses. They roam freely and enjoy the sunlight and rain that Florida has to offer.

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