How do I place an order?

Email Jill at bartonbeef@gmail.com to get on the waitlist. Deposits and final payment can be made with a check by mail payable to Barton Beef or electronically via:
Venmo @bartonbeef
Zelle 386-793-0963
Cash App $bartonbeef

Where do I pick up my beef?

You will pick up from our trusted processor, Braddock’s Slaughter House, 446 County Road 305 Seville, FL 32190. Pick ups are on Monday and Thursday mornings, they open at 6:30AM and close for lunch at 11:30AM. They cannot store your beef as they need the freezer space to keep their business flowing. Please keep this in mind and make necessary arrangements.

How is the beef packaged?

Each cut is double wrapped in premium freezer paper, labeled, and frozen. The packages will be packed tightly in easily transportable cardboard boxes that each weigh around 50 lbs. Rather than dump the beef in coolers, it’s best to simply leave it in the cardboard box and head home.

How much freezer space do I need?

A quarter of beef usually fits in the freezer section of a conventional refrigerator if it is completely empty.
Freezer Size Needed:
Whole Beef 12-15 cu. ft.
Half Beef 8-9 cu. ft.
Quarter Beef 5-7 cu. ft.
Approximately every 35 lbs. of meat will require 1 cubic ft. of freezer space.