How do I place an order?

Email Jill at bartonbeef@gmail.com. If you’re getting a 1/4, 1/2, or whole you will need to pay a $300 deposit to reserve your spot. This can be paid with a check by mail or electronically via:
Venmo @bartonbeef
Zelle 386-793-0963
Cash App $bartonbeef
Paypal: BartonBeef@gmail.com

How long does it take to get my beef after I order it?

The beef will be at the processor’s for around three weeks; however we are typically booked a few weeks or months out, so to get a more precise answer you will have to email Jill at bartonbeef@gmail.com.

Where do I pick up my beef?

If you purchase a half or whole we will try to have you pick up straight from our processor in Seville, Florida. If you purchase a quarter, you will pick up from us in Bunnell.

How is the beef packaged?

Each cut is double wrapped in premium freezer paper, labeled, and frozen. The packages will be in cardboard boxes that each weigh around 50 lbs. There is no need to bring a cooler unless you are traveling a very long distance.

How much freezer space do I need?

A quarter of beef usually fits in the freezer section of a conventional refrigerator if it is completely empty.
Freezer Size Needed:
Whole Beef 12-15 cu. ft.
Half Beef 8-9 cu. ft.
Quarter Beef 5-7 cu. ft.
Approximately every 35 lbs. of meat will require 1 cubic ft. of freezer space.

How much beef is in a quarter?

Our steer carcass weight will vary anywhere from 450-700 lbs.
Carcass weight is the hanging weight following the harvesting process.
The final weight after cutting and wrapping the meat will be approximately 30% less than the carcass weight, due to shrinkage from hanging, aging, boning, trimming, etc. In short, a quarter will typically be approximately 100 lbs of boxed meat, two of our cardboard boxes full.