Together with our processor, we have put together a great variety of cuts for our quarter packages, this provides you with a little bit of everything.

Assortment of cuts:
sirloin tip roast
rump roast
steaks- ribeye, t-bone, and sirloin
cube steak
london broil
chuck roast
shoulder roast
short ribs
ground beef
soup meat
neck bones
organ meats upon request- oxtail, heart, liver, tongue (first come first serve)
dog bones upon request (first come first serve)

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Half or Whole

When you purchase a half or whole you have the luxury of choosing your cuts.

Cutting options for half or whole beef:
Skirt and Flank Steak: packaged or hamburger?
Sirloin Tip: roast or hamburger?
Rump: roast or hamburger?
Sirloin: inch thickness? (Common thickness is 3/4 or 1 inch)
T-bone: inch thickness? Kept as T-bone OR separated as filet mignon and NY strip? (Separation can only be done if the carcass is over 600 pounds)
Round: cube steaks, london broil, or round steaks? (Choose one or two options)
Hamburger: 1.5 or 2 lb packages?
Ribeye: steaks or roast?
Chuck: steaks, roast, or some of both?
Shoulder: roast, hamburger, or all meat stew?
Brisket: two halves or one whole? (Whole is around 5 lbs)
Short Ribs: ribs or hamburger?
Soup Meat: yes or no?
Neck Bones: yes or no?
Organs: heart, liver, tongue, oxtail? (First come first serve basis)
Dog Bones: yes or no?

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Ground Sirloin

We sell 50 lb boxes of ground sirloin for $350

The ground sirloin is packaged in 1.5 lb packages, and double wrapped in freezer paper. Ground sirloin is different from ground beef because the entire cow is made into burger, not just the chuck. This allows for the meat to be more tender and flavorful.

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Beef is currently $5.95/lb.(This includes the cutting, double wrapping, and freezing of the meat.)
A $300 deposit is required at the time of purchase and the balance is due at pick up.
Prices are based on hanging carcass weight. Carcass weight is the weight of the beef once the hide, head, hoofs, and organs have been removed. Carcass weights vary between 450 – 700 lbs. on average. For example, if the cost for the beef is $5.95 per pound, a WHOLE 600 lb. carcass would cost $3,570.00 ($5.95 x 600 = $3,570.00) and a QUARTER of that would be $892.50.
There is an approximate 30% weight loss between the carcass weight and what the final boxed product is, due to shrinkage from hanging, aging, boning, trimming, etc.

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